Git difftool directory with bcompare


I defined my git config with git config --global diff.tool bc3

When I do git difftool --dir-diff, a becompare windows opens but I can’t compare local file to remote.

  • On left panel, I see all remote files containing a difference with local files.
  • On right panel, I see theses file but only as shortcut to local file.

I can’t compare a file to a shortcut. Is there a way to configure git or becompare to compare all files local to remote ?


git difftool --dir-diff will always create these symlinks when you compare something to your worktree.

There seems to be a specific setting for symlinks in Beyond Compare’s menu :

  • under : Session > Session Settings > Handling
  • there should be a section : File Handling
  • with a checkbox : Follow symbolic links

Try checking that box.

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