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Here is my situation: I have a production branch, a dev branch and branches for features. While I was working on a feature I has to do a hotfix on the dev branch. Now I to rebase the feature branch I am currently working on to avoid future merging conflicts. When I used to use IDEs from JetBrain I would do a git rebase and it would do the trick. The only command I found in VSCode is Git: Sync(rebase) but this does not do anything and does not rebase. All I get is this message:

This action will push and pull commit to and from 'origin/Current_feature'

Anyone have experience with this?


I don’t think Visual Studio Code has Git rebase functionality built-in. If you want to do your rebasing in Visual Studio Code instead with the git command-line tool or with a Git GUI, you can install the GitLens extension for VS Code.

GitLens’s README indicates that GitLens supports rebasing. It says that when viewing branches, the context menu for each branch includes these commands:

  • Rebase (Interactive) Branch (via Terminal)
  • Rebase (Interactive) Branch to Remote (via Terminal)

And when viewing the commits in one branch, the context menu for each commit includes this command:

  • Rebase to Commit (via Terminal) (when available)

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