git status is giving "Function not implemented" and "fatal: cannot use .git/info/exclude as an exclude file"


I am using gitbash and git version commit, diff, branch all work fine, but git status (the most basic command, surely?) fails. The error message is like this, where fileA and fileB are the tracked files in my repo:

$ git status
.gitignore: Function not implemented
fileA: Function not implemented
fileB: Function not implemented
fatal: cannot use .git/info/exclude as an exclude file

I can’t spot anything strange about .git/info/exclude or .gitignore.

GitHub Desktop shows me the correct status, so that’s my workaround for now.


Jan 2019: Check if this is releated to the recent issue 1989

Disabling the fscache, reverting to 2.19.1 or moving the repo to the local drive fixes the problem.

git config --global core.fscache false

Update July 2020, as noted by Rintze Zelle in the comments:

Updating to a newer version of Git for Windows of >= v2.21.0 should now solve this problem as well.
I no longer experienced this error after updating from git version to git version

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