Good C++ Debugging/IDE Environment for Linux?


I have a friend who is trying to make the switch to Linux, but is hung up on the apparent lack of debugging/IDE environments for C++, especially as they relate to template programming. He has been using visual studio for years and is maybe a little spoiled by their awesome IDE. Does anyone have any good suggestions for an environment where he can, under Linux, develop and debug with all of the usual things (Breakpoints, line highlighting for compilation errors, step in/over/out/etc, etc) that he’s accustomed to? Thanks!


Although many people think of it as a Java IDE, he could try NetBeans. I’ve used it on Windows for C and C++ development without a problem, and I know NetBeans is supported on Linux, so it would be worth a shot.

It looks like most of the features he wants are included in the C/C++ development toolkit, including integration with GDB, a profiler, and more.

Answered By – Thomas Owens

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