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I recently received this message when I tried to upload my app:

This release includes the permission but your declaration on Play Console says your app doesn't use advertising ID.

I have no adds and don’t explicitly have that permission, but I understand from here that something from firebase auth might use it – so I fill in that I use this permission – this then triggers another error that I said I’m using AD_ID but I didn’t mention that I’m using Ads. If I then mention that I’m using Ads (I’m not), the Console tells me that I have to take special care that my ads (which I don’t have) don’t target children under 13, or else I need to say my app is for 13 and over.

If I change my app to say it’s for 13 and Over I get a warning that if it looks like it’s targeting kids I will be removed!!!

What on earth have I done wrong??? I don’t even have ads or want ads, and now I’m being warned I cannot let any child under 13 download my app?

Is there someone who can advise me how to upload my totally innocuous app without triggering the wrath of Google Play??


Go to your merged manifest and check if there is included.
You can find the merged manifest here


Maybe one of your dependencies includes that permission and if its like that you are forced to:

  • Remove that dependency from your project


  • Include the permission in your main manifest and change your advertising ID declaration in Google Play Console.

Answered By – Mrsasuu

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