h2 is not enabled in remote IIS


valid certificate under Server Certificates in IIS

certificate added to https binding

I have a valid trusted certificate provided by my organization and followed the steps provided in this link to enable the Http/2 protocol on IIS. But when I host a simple project through the remote IIS, the protocol in the browser’s Network tab shows as http 1.1.

How could I confirm that Http/2 is enabled in the IIS?


HTTP/2 was not supported before IIS version 10, so first check your iis version. and google chrome offers a quick and easy way to check if HTTP/2 is supported on your SSL-enabled site. First, visit your site in Chrome over HTTPS. There you’ll see your site listed with protocol h2, confirming your site works over HTTP/2.

Another method is simply to look at the network tab > headers > response headers > view source in Chrome or Firefox. There the headers can be seen. It should read "HTTP/2" or some sort I can’t recall right now. Easiest: You can use curl -I which will put the HTTP response as the first line.

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