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I was struggling with date formatting in Kotlin.

Does someone know why using :

val locale = ConfigurationCompat.getLocales(Resources.getSystem().configuration).get(0)
java.text.DateFormat.getDateInstance(java.text.DateFormat.SHORT, locale).format(Date())

give me :

  • In FR_fr = 08/09/2022 (expected)
  • In EN_gb = 08/09/2022 (unexpected)


val currentLanguage = ConfigurationCompat.getLocales(Resources.getSystem().configuration).get(0).language
val locale = Locale(currentLanguage)
java.text.DateFormat.getDateInstance(java.text.DateFormat.SHORT, locale).format(Date())

gives me :

  • In FR_fr = 08/09/2022 (expected)
  • In EN_gb = 9/8/2022 (expected)

Is there a simpler way?


In the second one, while you are doing this,


it will give language as en.It will not give country variant english.It will return generic english locale.

So you should create locale like below.

  val currentLanguage = ConfigurationCompat.getLocales(Resources.getSystem().configuration).get(0)
        if (currentLanguage!=null) {
            val currentLocale = Locale(currentLanguage.language, currentLanguage.country, currentLanguage.variant)

THis will create locale with en-GB in your case.

In the first one you are already getting locale object with en-GB.

en-GB and en has different formats of date.

08/09/2022 : en-GB
9/8/2022 : en

en-IN (Indian English) also will give 08/09/2022 as result.

Answered By – Gowtham K K

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