Hardware buttons is not clickable in Android emulator


I work in Android Studio 1.0 RC 2 and I have an Android Emulator with Intel HAXM. The emulator is running normally. It shows the hardware buttons, but this buttons is not clickable. The AVD configuration is default for Nexus S, but it’s scale is 0.5.


Based on @CommonsWare comment

@Plugie: I never use those skins, and I am not aware that those buttons are ever supposed to be clickable.

I recommend to set hw.mainKeys=no

Go into the actual configuration file for your AVD. On OS X and Linux, that normally is ~/.android/avd/…/config.ini, where … is based on the name of your AVD. See what your hw.mainKeys value is

After set hw.mainKeys=no, it will show System Bar which can be seen in screen shoot which red rectangle. Then you can navigate BACK, HOME using System Bar instead of Hardware Button

nexus s with hw.mainKeys=no

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