Hide the console of a C program in the Windows OS


I want to hide my console of C when I run my application. How can I make my application run in the background?


Programs with main() by default are compiled as SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE applications and get a console window. If you own the other processes your application is starting, you could modify them to be windowed applications by one of the following methods:

  • Modify them to use WinMain() instead of main(). This is the typical approach but requires modifying code. (If the reason for using main() is for easy access to argc/argv, MSVC provides global __argc/__argv equivalents for windowed applications.)
  • Explicitly specifying the subsystem and entry point via /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /ENTRY:main arguments to link.exe.
  • Use editbin.exe (from the Windows SDK) to change the subsystem type after the fact. This one might be useful if you don’t have source code access to the spawned processes.

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