How can I access html page through flask app and then another html page from the same flask app


I’m working on a project, developing it using flask . I want to link a html page with flask app and whenever the user click on register button of html page , I want that it redirect user to another html page through flask app.
How can I do that ?


I hope I understood your question. You’d like to have a route that takes you to an HTML page and then be able to click a link on that page that will take you to another route.

Here is how you can do that:
The first function in

def index():
   return render_template("index.html")

Your index.html file may look like this:

<a href="/register">Register</a>

The second function in

def register():
   # Ensure the user reached path via GET
   if request.method == "GET":
      return render_template("another_file.html")

      pass # Pass is a Python way to say 'do nothing'

I included a conditional statement in the second function because maybe you’d like the user to register by submitting a form. If you do this, you may want to do different things depending on the request method.

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