How can I check if a mat-menu in Material Angular is open?


I’m looking for a way to check if my mat-menu is open so I can add a class to the button that opened it using [ngClass] based on the state of the menu.

<button mat-stroked-button mdbWavesEffect [matMenuTriggerFor]="menu">Actions</button>
    <mat-menu #menu="matMenu" [overlapTrigger]="false" panelClass="custom">
        <a routerLink="/attendence/detail" mat-menu-item>View Attendance</a>
        <a routerLink="/adherence/detail" mat-menu-item>View Adherece</a>
        <button mat-menu-item>Edit Agent</button>
        <button mat-menu-item>Upload photo</button>
        <button mat-menu-item>Deactivate Agent</button>


You can use Material matMenuTrigger directive to check whether the menu is open or not

<button mat-button [matMenuTriggerFor]="menu"   #t="matMenuTrigger">Menu</button>
<mat-menu #menu="matMenu">
  <button mat-menu-item>Item 1</button>
  <button mat-menu-item>Item 2</button>

Check the example here:

Now you use ngClass binding to change the style of your button!

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