How can I fix git commit error "Waiting for your editor to close the file…" with VS Code?


I’m trying just git commit and Git is giving this message:

hint: Waiting for your editor to close the file…
/c/Users/AGT/AppData/Local/Programs/Microsoft VS Code/bin/code: line
28: /Code.exe: No such file or directory error: There was a problem
with the editor ‘code –wait’. Please supply the message using either
-m or -F option.

I’m using, or trying it, VS Code as default and I got this same message with it opened or closed. Commits done through VS Code or by command git commit -m "Initial commit" works fine.
I tried change config path with:

  • git config --global core.editor "code --wait"
  • git config --global core.editor
    "'C:\Users\AGT\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\Code.exe' -n
    and the followed variants(these with this change at error message “unexpected EOF while looking for matching”):
  • C:\Users\AGT\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\bin
  • C:\Users\AGT\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\bin\code
  • C:\Users\AGT\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\Code.exe

No success at all.

The git status is:

    On branch master

No commits yet

Changes to be committed:
  (use "git rm --cached <file>..." to unstage)

        new file:   css/app.css
        new file:   index.html
        new file:   js/app.js

How can I fix that to git commit command through Git BASH works fine with Vs Code? It’s seems path issue.

Update info: I tested git commit with Sublime 3 and it works fine.


Have you confirmed that code is accessible from the command line where you execute git commands?

You could run code --version

BTW. When I execute where code I get C:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\bin\code – it’s no longer installed in the %App_Data% folder. However, this should be irrelevant if you only specify code --wait without the path.

In other words, here is the procedure I would attempt:

  1. Confirm code --version works in the console you use for git
  2. git config --global core.editor "code --wait"
  3. Change things in you branch and then git commit. Does VS Code start and show COMMIT_EDITMSG file? enter image description here

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