How can I get access to a Highcharts chart through a DOM-Container?


When I render a highcharts-chart to a div container, how can I get access to the chart object through the div-Container?

I don’t want to make the chart variable global.

        var chart = new Highcharts.Chart({
            chart: {
                renderTo: "testDivId",

I want to access the chart outside of the context above like this (pseudocode), to call functions:

var chart = Highcharts.Chart("testDivId"); //access from id


Highcharts 3.0.1

Users can use the highcharts plugin

var chart=$("#container").highcharts();

Highcharts 2.3.4

Read from the Highcharts.charts array, for version 2.3.4 and later, the index of the chart can be found from the data on the <div>

 var index=$("#container").data('highchartsChart');
 var chart=Highcharts.charts[index];

All versions

Track charts in a global object/map by container id

var window.charts={}; 
function foo(){
  new Highcharts.Chart({...},function(chart){  
      window.charts[chart.options.chart.renderTo] = chart;

function bar(){
  var chart=window.charts["containerId"];

Read Mode @ Highcharts Tips – Accessing Chart Object From a Container ID


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