How can I get the variant of the language on ios?


I have my Iphone set to English (UK) and I am trying to get the UK part in my flutter ap by doing this.

final languageCode = Platform.localeName.split('_')[0]; //prints en
final countryCode = Platform.localeName.split('_')[1]; //prints NL where I want UK

But my country code is alway NL which is my region. How can I get UK?

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Its look like you want to access ISO Country Code

You can acces your device language country code with :

//Your device's all locales
final List<Locale> systemLocales = WidgetsBinding.instance!.window.locales; 
//Your device's first(current) locale country code.
String? isoCountryCode = systemLocales.first.countryCode;

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