How can I `git push` to GitHub on Ubuntu using a single command, without having to type in my email each time?


I want to git push on Ubuntu via a single command, such as:

echo -e "email\ntoken" | git push origin branchName

git push origin branchName && email && token 

But after the command I have to put in my email:

enter image description here


You can provide the username once as part of the https git remote address.

First run git remote -vv to get the full, current remote URL.

Then to change your existing remote, you can do a command like:

git remote set-url origin https://[email protected]/yourname/yourrepo.git

where the new part is [email protected] (substitute your github user name) and the rest of the URL should be the same as shown in git remote -vv

Answered By – Dan Bonachea

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