How can I remove the white box on the IOS Simulator?


I am making a game with Ionic/Angular. When I serve on the web or any android device there is no problem. But when I tried on the IOS simulator there is a white box on the center of the screen like the image below. I tried with multiple simulators (iPhone 8/11/12 pro etc.)

enter image description here

This box appears on every page and if there is something underneath I can not click.
I tried to set z-index of elements 2147483647 (which is the max value for z-index apperently) still this box on top of the all elements. When I inspect with the safari dev tools, its not in the code, I can’t click with the aim tool on safari. Currently, I am not able to try with a real device. Does anyone have any idea?


The issue for me was because of the cordova-lottie-splashscreen plugin. I removed that and problem solved. Hope it helps

Answered By – Cliffordwh

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