How can I see the raw SQL queries Django is running?


Is there a way to show the SQL that Django is running while performing a query?


See the docs FAQ: "How can I see the raw SQL queries Django is running?"

django.db.connection.queries contains a list of the SQL queries:

from django.db import connection

Querysets also have a query attribute containing the query to be executed:

print(MyModel.objects.filter(name="my name").query)

Note that the output of the query is not valid SQL, because:

"Django never actually interpolates the parameters: it sends the query and the parameters separately to the database adapter, which performs the appropriate operations."

From Django bug report #17741.

Because of that, you should not send query output directly to a database.

If you need to reset the queries to, for example, see how many queries are running in a given period, you can use reset_queries from django.db:

from django.db import reset_queries

>>> []

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