How can we get radio button values from form using body-parser on an expressjs server?


I have a form and part of it asks the user if they are male or female. Here is the html,

<form role="form" id="createAccountForm" action="CAform" method="POST">
<div class="form-group" id="gender">
<label class="radio-inline"><input type="radio" name="optradio" value="1">Male</label>
<label class="radio-inline"><input type="radio" name="optradio" value="0">Female</label>

and on the server (a node server with express framework), I want to know how to access the gender value when the user submits the form. Can you do it with body-parser?


You just need to set the middlewares of bodyParser and you’re good to go.

var bodyParser = require('body-parser'); 
app.use(bodyParser.json()); // to support JSON bodies
app.use(bodyParser.urlencoded({ extended: true })); // to support URL-encoded bodies'/CAForm', function(req, res) {

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