How do I count the number of truth values in array?


I am struggling with some logic but I think I am close. Is there any way to get the number of truth values from an array of booleans?

  const checkedState = [true, false, true]

  function handleCourseProgress() {
    //for each value that is true in the array...
    checkedState.forEach((value) => {
      //if the value is true...
      if (value === true) {
        //count and total them up here....
        setCourseProgress(//return the count//);


const checkedState = [false, true, false, true, true]

const count = checkedState.filter((value) => value).length
// Cleaner way
const anotherCount = checkedState.filter(Boolean).length


Basically filtering the array and looking for the truthy values and checking the length of the array will do the trick and after that you can call the setCourseProgress(count) with the right count value.

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