How do I Filter the PyQt QCombobox Items based on the text input?


I need a QCombox which Items are filtered based on the text input. If I set the QCombobox editable, the user can insert text and the QCompleter is automatically created. But the items are not filtered and I don’t want the user to add new Items.

Is there any possibility to add this functionality to the QCombobox?


Try this code, is something i used in a project of mine

import sys
from PyQt4.QtGui import QComboBox, QApplication, QCompleter, QSortFilterProxyModel, QStandardItemModel, QStandardItem
from PyQt4.QtCore import Qt

class ExtendedCombo( QComboBox ):
    def __init__( self,  parent = None):
        super( ExtendedCombo, self ).__init__( parent )

        self.setFocusPolicy( Qt.StrongFocus )
        self.setEditable( True )
        self.completer = QCompleter( self )

        # always show all completions
        self.completer.setCompletionMode( QCompleter.UnfilteredPopupCompletion )
        self.pFilterModel = QSortFilterProxyModel( self )
        self.pFilterModel.setFilterCaseSensitivity( Qt.CaseInsensitive )

        self.completer.setPopup( self.view() )

        self.setCompleter( self.completer )

        self.lineEdit().textEdited[unicode].connect( self.pFilterModel.setFilterFixedString )

    def setModel( self, model ):
        super(ExtendedCombo, self).setModel( model )
        self.pFilterModel.setSourceModel( model )

    def setModelColumn( self, column ):
        self.completer.setCompletionColumn( column )
        self.pFilterModel.setFilterKeyColumn( column )
        super(ExtendedCombo, self).setModelColumn( column )

    def view( self ):
        return self.completer.popup()

    def index( self ):
        return self.currentIndex()

    def setTextIfCompleterIsClicked(self, text):
      if text:
        index = self.findText(text)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    app = QApplication(sys.argv)

    model = QStandardItemModel()

    for i,word in enumerate( ['hola', 'adios', 'hello', 'good bye'] ):
        item = QStandardItem(word)
        model.setItem(i, 0, item)

    combo = ExtendedCombo()


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