How do I force Git to use LF instead of CR+LF under Windows?


I want to force Git to check out files under Windows using just LF not CR+LF.
I checked the two configuration options, but was not able to find the right combination of settings.

I want to convert all files to have LF line breaks and keep the LF in the files.

Remark: I used autocrlf = input but this just repairs the files when you commit them.
I want to force it to get them using LF.

Probably I wasn’t so clear:
the repository is already using LF but the files checked out using
Git for Windows are using CR+LF
and I want to force Git to get them with LF:
forcing Unix line endings.

$ git config --list | grep crlf


The OP added in his question:

the files checked out using msysgit are using CR+LF and I want to force msysgit to get them with LF

A first simple step would still be in a .gitattributes file:

# 2010
*.txt -crlf

# 2020
*.txt text eol=lf 

(as noted in the comments by grandchild, referring to .gitattributes End-of-line conversion), to avoid any CRLF conversion for files with correct eol.

And I have always recommended git config --global core.autocrlf false to disable any conversion (which would apply to all versioned files)

See Best practices for cross platform git config?

Since Git 2.16 (Q1 2018), you can use git add --renormalize . to apply those .gitattributes settings immediately.

But a second more powerful step involves a gitattribute filter driver and add a smudge step

filter driver

Whenever you would update your working tree, a script could, only for the files you have specified in the .gitattributes, force the LF eol and any other formatting option you want to enforce.
If the “clear” script doesn’t do anything, you will have (after commit) transformed your files, applying exactly the format you need them to follow.

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