How do i integrate Braintree paypal payment android sdk?


I am looking for a brain-tree pay pal integration(online resource)for my android project. This is my first time, that i am doing payment gateway integration.So i found braintree sdk documentations little difficult for me to understand. So,please anyone knows good online resourses for braintree payment integration for android?


Posting a question to help integrate an SDK would attract Downvotes. Try doing self study and research. However, as I understand your situation, I would help you to understand the document.

Link to document : here

  1. At first, create an account and get the API key that needs to be integrated. Follow this link to clearly understand how to create an account.

  2. Once the information required is obtained, integrate the dependency

    dependencies {
    compile ‘com.braintreepayments.api:drop-in:3.+’

  3. After integrating the dependencies, just use the snippets provided in the link here

and you are all set to test using the sample test key.

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