How do I list one filename per output line in Linux?


I’m using ls -a command to get the file names in a directory, but the output is in a single line.

Like this:

.  ..  .bash_history  .ssh  updater_error_log.txt

I need a built-in alternative to get filenames, each on a new line, like this:



Use the -1 option (note this is a “one” digit, not a lowercase letter “L”), like this:

ls -1a

First, though, make sure your ls supports -1. GNU coreutils (installed on standard Linux systems) and Solaris do; but if in doubt, use man ls or ls --help or check the documentation. E.g.:

$ man ls
       -1     list one file per line.  Avoid '\n' with -q or -b

Answered By – Bert F

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