How do I use JSDoc on Windows?


Forgive me if this is a daft question but I’m utterly baffled as to how I can use JSDoc on Windows. I’m aware of JSDoc-Toolkit but it’s a bit out of date and the google code repository recommends to use JSDoc 3 instead. I have downloaded JSDoc from Github and unzipped the jsdoc-master folder onto my local disk but can’t find any solid information as to how to use it to parse my files.


You can download it as an npm package for the Node.js JavaScript runtime environment.

  1. Install Node.js which comes with npm
  2. Open your a command line
  3. Install JsDoc by typing the following command

    npm install -g jsdoc

  4. Run JsDoc / generate documentation. more info

    jsdoc path/to/file.js

  5. Configure jsdoc (Optional)

Answered By – Simon Merrick

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