How do you format a Date/Time in TypeScript?


I’ve been having some trouble trying to get a Date object in TypeScript to format the way I want it to.

I have a class Module which is defined as:

export class Module {

    constructor(public id: number, public name: string, public description: string, 
                 public lastUpdated: Date, public owner: string) { }

    getNiceLastUpdatedTime(): String {

        let options: Intl.DateTimeFormatOptions = {
            day: "numeric", month: "numeric", year: "numeric",
            hour: "2-digit", minute: "2-digit"

        return this.lastUpdated.toLocaleDateString("en-GB", options) + " " + this.lastUpdated.toLocaleTimeString("en-GB", options);

When I call the method with the following code:

    let date = new Date(1478708162000); // 09/11/2016 16:16pm (GMT)
    let module = new Module(1, "Test", "description", date, "test owner");

I end up with the following printed in the console:

'9 November 2016 16:16:02 GMT'

What I want to see is:

09/11/2015 16:16

I’ve had a look at the documentation at: and I still can’t see what I’m doing wrong (I know this is a JavaScript API documentation but I’m pretty sure that’s what TypeScript is using under the hood).


If you want the time out as well as the date you want Date.toLocaleString().

This was direct from my console:

> new Date().toLocaleString()
> "11/10/2016, 11:49:36 AM"

You can then input locale strings and format string to get the precise output you want.

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