How does Chromium manage work on different releases in version control?


I have noticed that there are no branches that reflect a particular version – there’s just the main branch and a few other branches, but they are not related to a specific version.

How do they manage to patch the current stable release and work on the alpha at the same time without having different branches? Or are they hidden?


The main or master branch that you are referring to is canary build–for development purposes only. Canary builds are not tested and are generally released daily. So it has been known to be very buggy.

Chromium versions are categorized as tags. You can use the following command from your Chromium repo to pull all the tags:

git fetch --tags

Use the following command to show the list of tags available:

git tag

Then to checkout a version of Chromium:

git checkout tags/ 

where is one of the versions listed in the tags. So Chromium developers checkout a stable version and then make changes to the source code and bump the version in src/chrome/VERSION file. That file reflects the version of the current Chromium build. Then they create a corresponding tag and push the tag.

You can find all the version numbers here:

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