How to add php zip to server, I'm using wordpress on google cloud platform


I have loaded wordpress on the google cloud platform and I am trying to transfer my wordpress site on my local to google. When I was loading the file it gave me the error message "Install a PHP zip on your server or contact your site host."

I saw a few fixes to install sudo apt install php-zip. I’m assuming I have to connect the google cloud platform to my terminal and then run that, but I do not know how to connect the two.

Edit: I have added a snapshot of the software that is being used

enter image description here


I experienced a similar error before and I used the WordPress provided by Google Click to Deploy. There are other fixes depending on the configuration of your web server and its hosting. But here is the simple fix I have done to remove the error on my end.

  1. Go to Compute Engine > VM Instance
  2. Click the SSH button to open a connection to your Host machine.
  3. A new black window will appear[terminal], Then type the following:
sudo apt install php-zip
sudo service apache2 restart

If you are using a different configuration, you can update your post with more details such as web server platform used, PHP Version, Marketplace Product (if taken from GCP Marketplace) and Server OS Model and version for us to be able to help you further.

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