How to auto reset input value (formGroup) in angular 10?


I am using the angular form to make a search bar in the "search page" ("/search"). I notice if I have searched something, e.g "testing word". Then, I go to home page ("/") and
go back to the search page, the input of searching bar, "testing word" remains.

I thought I use unsubscribe in ngOnDestroy, but it seems not work (ngOnDestroy is called based on console log "haha"). I know if using button click event to reset the searchTerm will work. However, I would like to have the values reset automatically when we leave the search page. How do I achieve this?

Thank you.

<form [formGroup]="searchForm" novalidate>
  <mat-form-field floatLabel="never">
    <input matInput type="type" autocomplete="off" formControlName="search">
  <a mat-icon-button aria-label="Search" (click)="emitState()">


export class SearchComponent implements OnInit, OnDestroy
  searchForm: FormGroup;
  private searchSub!: Subscription;
  constructor(private formBuilder: FormBuilder) {
    this.searchForm ={
      search: ['', []],

  ngOnInit(): void {
    const searchTerms = this.values[0].value as string;

    this.searchSub =
      .pipe(debounceTime(400), distinctUntilChanged())
        (term) => {
          this.values[0].value = term;
        (err) => console.log(err)

  ngOnDestroy(): void {


Calling this.searchSub.unsubscribe will only unsubscribe to the value changes that you are listing to. I think you should be able to add this.searchForm.reset() to your ngOnDestroy to clear the form.

ngOnDestroy(): void {

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