How to build release Flutter project using Android Studio


I cannot build my project using Android Studio. I create project using console, then edit at VSCode. Now I open it at Android Studio and I cannot build release. Why this command Build bundles (green arrow) is not available?
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Flutter project consist of subprojects:

  • /MyProject
    • /iOS – (iOS subproject)
    • /android – (android subproject)

When I open project "MyProject" I see:
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But when I open android submodule/subproject "MyProject/android" I see another options under "Build":

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So solution is:
If You want build Android package for Google Play store, You must open in IDE Android submodule, for example solder /MyProject/android

Case with Xcode, iOS and AppStore package looks similar – it is important to open iOS submodule, not whole MyProject.

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