How to call DecodeIntegrityToken API


I’m stuck trying to call Google DecodeIntegrityToken API from my Android APP. There is no documentation or examples on how to do it.

I have completed the setup and managed to get an IntegrityToken up to this point.

The setup:

enter image description here

Here I found calling the API in LARAVEL: Decode integrity token using Google PlayIntegrity API

and this one in .NET: How to get a decoded Play Integrity API token using the Google Client API for .NET

But how can I call it from Java? There is no information. I can’t find a way to call the API to decode the Integrity Token.


The response you can decode using Java based hosted service. The integrity token can be sent to the Google server from hosted service and you can verify the response received from google. Enable PlayIntegrity API in Google Cloud Platform against the app and download the JSON file and configure the code. Similarly, you should enable PlayIntegrity in Google PlayConsole

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