How to chain a custom function to express-validator?


I am using express-validator and I have chained some validations to link parameter like this:'/landing-pages/:link/blocks',

I need to add some chained functions like trim and escape to be able to modify the value.

I can use custom method like the following to add new validation:'/landing-pages/:link/blocks',
    param('link').trim().escape().isString().custom((value, { req, location, path }) => 
            //return true/false based on custom validation.

But instead of validating and returning true/false, I want to modify value and change it’s original source exactly the way that trim or escape is doing it. for example, I want to replace some characters or I want to remove some words, etc.

Is there anyway to do it with express-validator?


you can chain customSanitizer function for that purpose

param('link').trim().escape().isString().customSanitizer(value => {
    // imagine we have a sanitizer function
    const sanitizedLink = linkSanitizer(value)
    return sanitizedLink;

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