How to change a datetime format in python?


How can one make 2020/09/06 15:59:04 out of 06-09-202015u59m04s.

This is my code:

my_time = '06-09-202014u59m04s'
date_object = datetime.datetime.strptime(my_time, '%d-%m-%YT%H:%M:%S')

This is the error I receive:

ValueError: time data '06-09-202014u59m04s' does not match format '%d-%m-%YT%H:%M:%S'


>>> from datetime import datetime
>>> my_time = '06-09-202014u59m04s'
>>> dt_obj = datetime.strptime(my_time,'%d-%m-%Y%Hu%Mm%Ss')

Now you need to do some format changes to get the answer as the datetime object always prints itself with : so you can do any one of the following:

Either get a new format using strftime:

>>> dt_obj.strftime('%Y/%m/%d %H:%M:%S')
'2020/09/06 14:59:04'  

Or you can simply use .replace() by converting datetime object to str:

>>> str(dt_obj).replace('-','/')
'2020/09/06 14:59:04'

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