How to check for nested object value in a dynamic way using key variables?


If I want to check for a specific (nested) object value, I can do this by

if (configuration?.my_project?.frontend?.version)

instead of

if (
    configuration && 
    configuration.my_project && 
    configuration.my_project.frontend && 

But how do I handle this if I want to do this for dynamic keys using variables?


would fail for { my_project: {} } as there is no frontend.

So if I want to check if version is missing for a specific app in a specific project, I’m going this way:

if (
    configuration &&
    configuration[project] &&
    configuration[project][app] &&

The only part I see is just !configuration[project][app]?.version, but this would also fail for { my_project: {} }




But if you want to check specifically that version is missing (i.e. falsey) you’ll need to split your tests:

const my_app = configuration?.[project]?.[app];
if (my_app && !my_app.version) {

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