How to check if Intel Virtualization is enabled without going to BIOS in Windows 10


I want to check if Intel virtualization is enabled in my laptop or not (Lenovo Thinkpad, Win 10 64 bit). Is there any way available to check it without going to BIOS?


Right-click Start > Run > msinfo32

The first page shows whether virtualization is enabled in BIOS (firmware).

msinfo32 "Hyper-V - Virtualization Enabled in Firmware   Yes"

Alternate Method
In PowerShell run:
Get-ComputerInfo -property "HyperV*"

PS C:\temp> Get-ComputerInfo -property "HyperV*"

HyperVisorPresent                                 : True
HyperVRequirementDataExecutionPreventionAvailable : True
HyperVRequirementSecondLevelAddressTranslation    : True
HyperVRequirementVirtualizationFirmwareEnabled    : True
HyperVRequirementVMMonitorModeExtensions          : True

The line HyperVRequirementVirtualizationFirmwareEnabled : True shows if virtualization is enabled in BIOS (firmware).

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