How to combine two arrays for a specific index without concatenation?


I have two arrays that I want to merge to a new one but I need to insert the indices in specific places

array1 = np.arange(95,320,4)
array2 = np.arange(0,360,2)

For example.. array1[0] = 95, but I want this value to be in a new array between array2[47] which equals 94 and array2[48] that equals 96, and so on with the rest of the values inside array1.

Is this possible?


I think that you’re looking for numpy.insert

array1 = np.arange(95,320,4)
array2 = np.arange(0,360,2)

for i, value in enumerate(array1):
  index = i+48+i*2
  array2 = np.insert(array2, index, array1[i])

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