How to compare two commits in BitBucket?


I was trying to compare two commits on the same branch (master in this case) in BitBucket and did not find a good answer in any forum, so decided to try their client, SourceTree to see if installing it locally would help and it did.

Therefore, thought it might be useful to add question and answer here.


Best way I found to solve this at the time was via SourceTree app (for mac in my case). it will automatically show you the latest changes and you can compare specific commits if you like as well.

Thought I would add this here, as did not find a good answer for this question anywhere. See screenshot showing this functionality

Update, June 29, 2020: Based on answers from reed_do_it and scott-carpenter, went to check this and found that indeed BitBucket now have this feature on the website UI. The version i see on the site, at least for me, is what scott is showing above.

Here is the UI I saw:

  1. On Bitbucket site, go to any repo you have
    bitbucket repos
  2. Select one of them and click on the file you want to compare
    select a file in the repo
  3. Click on the Source listbox and select ‘Compare’
    enter image description here
  4. Select the versions you want to compare
    As reed_do_it said, the URL changes with your selection, so you can send someone the link and if they have access to the repo, they can see it as well

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