How to convert a string to an array with JavaScript/TypeScript


How can I convert a string (which is actually an ordered list) to an array using JavaScript / TypeScript? Unfortunately, this is what the backend returns.

The string looks like this:

  1. Lorem Ipsum. 2. Lorem Ipsum. 3. Lorem Ipsum.

I want an array like this:

  '1. Lorem Ipsum.',
  '2. Lorem Ipsum.',
  '3. Lorem Ipsum.'
] order to use it like this in my Angular template:

    <li *ngFor="let entry of entries">{{entry}}</li>

I already tried it with split() and JSON.parse().. I don’t know what character to use to split the array.

For example console.log (this.entries.split ('')); returns an array with each word of the string. I also tried using other characters to split the string but I can’t find the right one.


EDIT : Use also positive lookahead to keep the 1. 2. 3.

There might be better regex ( I am very bad at regex )
but this do the trick for this precise exemple, the solution all depend on the regex you apply. but the method to use is split.

var text = "1. Lorem Ipsum. 2. Lorem Ipsum. 3. Lorem Ipsum.";
var regex = new RegExp("(?=[0-9].)"); 


Array(3) [ "1. Lorem Ipsum. ", "2. Lorem Ipsum. ", "3. Lorem Ipsum." ]

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