How to copy very large files from URL to server via PHP?


I use the following code to copy/download files from an external server (any server via a URL) to my hosted web server(Dreamhost shared hosting at default settings).

<!DOCTYPE html>
<form method="post" action="copy.php">
    <input type="submit" value="click" name="submit">
<!-- copy.php file contents -->
function chunked_copy() {
    # 1 meg at a time, adjustable.
    $buffer_size = 1048576; 
    $ret = 0;
    $fin = fopen("", "rb");
    $fout = fopen("", "w");
    while(!feof($fin)) {
        $ret += fwrite($fout, fread($fin, $buffer_size));
    return $ret; # return number of bytes written

However the function stops running at about once 2.5GB (sometimes 2.3GB and sometimes 2.7GB, etc) of the file has downloaded. This happens every time I execute this function. Smaller files (<2GB) rarely exhibit this problem. I believe nothing is wrong with the source as I separately downloaded the file flawlessly onto my home PC.

Can someone please remedy and explain this problem to me? I am very new to programming.


file_put_contents("", fopen("", 'r')); 

exhibits similar symptoms as well.


I think the problem might be the 30 second time-out on many servers running PHP scripts.

PHP scripts running via cron or shell wont have that problem so perhaps you could find a way to do it that way.

Alternatively you could add set_time_limit([desired time]) to the start of your code.

Answered By – Peter Blue

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