How to create a HashMap that would have String as key and the value would be another HashMap from one list of custom object?


I have a list of custom object,

public class Assignmentsdata {

    String assignmentId;
    String teacherId;
    String groupName;
    String sectionId;
    String levelId;
    String startTime;

ArrayList<Assignmentsdata> list = new ArrayList<>();

lets say there are 20 elements in that list.

Now I want to get the output which is a hashmap of startTime as a key and the Value would be a new HashMap of GroupID and a list of Assignments of those that had the same groupName.

OutPut Example

HashMap<startTime,HasMap<groupName,List> hashMap = new HashMap();

a little more insight about the problem: First I want to categorise based on startTime(Month) then i want to categorise based on groupName, Thanks in advance.

I have successfully categorised based on group name and created a map through below code:

 for( int i = 0; i<assignmentsdataArrayList.size();i++ ){
                if (hashMap.size()>0){
                }else {
                    hashMap.put(assignmentsdataArrayList.get(i).getGroupName(),new ArrayList<Assignmentsdata>());

After that I am lost on how to categorise this hashmap based on the startDate and create a hashmap that would look like the above hashmap in the output heading.


your code may throw a NullPointerException at the first if branch

 if (hashMap.size()>0)

the map.size()>0 doesnt means the Value of GroupName has put a new ArrayList already.

the anwser of using loop should like this

   Map<String, Map<String, List<Assignmentsdata>>> map = new HashMap<>();
        for (Assignmentsdata assignmentsdata : list) {
            if (!map.containsKey(assignmentsdata.getStartTime())) {
                map.put(assignmentsdata.getStartTime(), new HashMap<>());
            Map<String, List<Assignmentsdata>> startTimeMap = map.get(assignmentsdata.startTime);
            if (!startTimeMap.containsKey(assignmentsdata.getGroupName())) {
                startTimeMap.put(assignmentsdata.getGroupName(), new ArrayList<>());

or you could use the java stream().collect(Collectors.groupingBy()) api to get the result easily

Map<String, Map<String, List<Assignmentsdata>>> result =

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