How to create angularjs filter which outputs HTML


After reading AngularJS tutorial step-9
I have created my own AngularJS filter, which should convert boolean data into html.

Here is my filter code:

angular.module('phonecatFilters', []).filter('iconify', function () { // My custom filter
    return function (input) {
        return input ? '<i class="icon-ok"></i>' : '<i class="icon-remove"></i>';

Here is my HTML code:

  <dd>{{phone.connectivity.infrared | iconify }}"></dd>

The problem is that borwser displays returned value literally as:

<i class="icon-ok"></i>

not as icons (or rendered html) that should appear.

Here is JSFiddle example

I think that some sanitisation occurs during this process.

Is it possible to turn this sanitization off for this specific filter?

Also I know how to display icons by not returning HTML output from filter but rather just ‘ok’ or ‘remove’ text which I can then substitute to:

<i class="icon-{{phone.connectivity.infrared | iconify}}"><i>

but this is not what I want.


You should use the ng-bind-html directive (require to import the sanitize module and js file):

<span ng-bind-html='phone.connectivity.infrared | iconify'></span>

You also need to import the CSS (Bootstrap I guess) to be able to see the icon when it works.

I have provided a working example.

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