how to create new text widget for flutter package?


I need to create a custom text-widget in the Flutter. I have to change any color it accepts in the style with an opacity of 0.7. If it does not have a style, I have to show the color from the default style with an opacity of 0.7.
Finally, I want to publish it in a package and (independent of the platform text) can be used.

My problem is creating a new text widget with the feature I described.


when no set the TextStyle to the Text Widget , Flutter Using DefaultTextStyle class.

i solved problem by this class and extension.

class NewTextWidget extends StatelessWidget {
  const NewTextWidget({
    Key? key,
  required this.textWidget,
  }):  super(key: key);

 final Text textWidget;

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Text(! , context),);

extension TextStyleOpacity on TextStyle?{
  TextStyle colorOpacity ({required BuildContext context}){
    Color? color =this==null?DefaultTextStyle.of(context).style.color: this?.color;
      return DefaultTextStyle.of(context).style.copyWith(color: color!.withOpacity(0.7));
      return this!.copyWith(color: color!.withOpacity(0.7));

thanks to all.

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