How to delete a volume in docker if it is being used by containers


I have a task in which they have sent us to delete a docker volume which has a container associated with it, I would like to know if there is any way to delete the volume without deleting the container that is using it.

I have tried the following but it won’t let me:

sudo docker volume rm -f vol1

It returns the following.

Error response from daemon: remove vol1: volume is in use - [a90d72c647bf7cdf2a3d8d8f0005163f072e4f6da80f27bca7b81f437f2f21d3]


To remove the volume, you will have to remove/stop the container first. Deleting volumes will wipe out their data. Back up any data that you need before deleting a container.

Stop/Remove the container(s)
Delete the volume(s)
Restart the container(s) (if you did stop)

Answered By – Sahadat Hossain

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