How to determine if an Android Service is running in the foreground?


I have a service which I believe to have running in the foreground, How do I check if my implementation is working?


private boolean isServiceRunning(String serviceName){
    boolean serviceRunning = false;
    ActivityManager am = (ActivityManager) this.getSystemService(ACTIVITY_SERVICE);
    List<ActivityManager.RunningServiceInfo> l = am.getRunningServices(50);
    Iterator<ActivityManager.RunningServiceInfo> i = l.iterator();
    while (i.hasNext()) {
        ActivityManager.RunningServiceInfo runningServiceInfo = i

            serviceRunning = true;

                //service run in foreground
    return serviceRunning;

If you want to know if your service is running in foreground just open some others fat applications and then check if service is still running or just check flag service.foreground.

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