How to enable android emulator sound on windows 10 with usb soundcard?


I’ve been working in an android app and recently I realized that I can’t get any sound from the emulator, not even from youtube app.

I’m using windows 10 64 bits, usb audio interface and visual studio code but I have installed the avd manager from android studio. I have created new emulators with and without snapshot option checked, because I read that it might cause issues but it doesn’t work. Microphone input works but audio output don’t.

I’ve checked the windows settings and it apparently recognize the emulator but de sound controller is disabled.

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This is the information of one of my emulators.

Name: Pixel_4_API_29

CPU/ABI: Google Play Intel Atom (x86)

Path: C:\Users\\avd\Pixel_4_API_29_1.avd

Target: google_apis_playstore [Google Play] (API level 29)

Skin: pixel_4

SD Card: 512M

fastboot.chosenSnapshotFile: full

hw.accelerometer: yes pixel_4

hw.lcd.width: 1080

hw.initialOrientation: Portrait

image.androidVersion.api: 29 google_apis_playstore

hw.mainKeys: no emulated

avd.ini.displayname: Pixel 4 API 29

hw.gpu.mode: auto

hw.ramSize: 1536

PlayStore.enabled: true

fastboot.forceColdBoot: no

hw.cpu.ncore: 4

hw.keyboard: yes

hw.sensors.proximity: yes

hw.dPad: no

hw.lcd.height: 2280

vm.heapSize: 256

skin.dynamic: yes

hw.device.manufacturer: Google

hw.gps: yes

hw.audioInput: yes

image.sysdir.1: system-images\android-29\google_apis_playstore\x86\

showDeviceFrame: yes virtualscene

AvdId: Pixel_4_API_29

hw.lcd.density: 440

hw.arc: false

hw.device.hash2: MD5:6b5943207fe196d842659d2e43022e20

fastboot.forceChosenSnapshotBoot: no

fastboot.forceFastBoot: yes

hw.trackBall: no

hw.battery: yes

hw.sdCard: yes

tag.display: Google Play none

disk.dataPartition.size: 6442450944

hw.sensors.orientation: yes

avd.ini.encoding: UTF-8

hw.gpu.enabled: yes

P.D I also tried with genymotion and it doesn’t work either.


Well, after looking at the one thing i didn’t have looked, it turns out the issue was caused by the usb audio interface drivers, I didn’t check that before beacaue everything was working fine and I could use the microphone through the audio interface with the emulators. I updated the audio drivers and got the sound output working.

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