How to execute raw SQL in Flask-SQLAlchemy app


How do you execute raw SQL in SQLAlchemy?

I have a python web app that runs on flask and interfaces to the database through SQLAlchemy.

I need a way to run the raw SQL. The query involves multiple table joins along with Inline views.

I’ve tried:

connection = db.session.connection()
connection.execute( <sql here> )

But I keep getting gateway errors.


Have you tried:

result = db.engine.execute("<sql here>")


from sqlalchemy import text

sql = text('select name from penguins')
result = db.engine.execute(sql)
names = [row[0] for row in result]
print names

Note that db.engine.execute() is "connectionless", which is deprecated in SQLAlchemy 2.0.

Answered By – Miguel Grinberg

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