How to extract and re-import NTFS metadata?


I have a bunch of files on my HDD which contains metadata information that I use to sort huge collections of files(Information such as Year/Artist/Rating/Comments and whatnots)

I would like to be able to transfer this information from one system to another;However, whenever the files are compressed and/or converted, all the metadata is deleted.

So I thought that maybe there would be some kind of software that would allow me to parse the metadata to a file and then allow me to import it back to my files once they have been transferred?

Personally, I prefer CLU/Batch/Command line kind of software(or a python library?) so I can program the tool to my preferences, but a GUI software would be fine too.

The file types could be anything, from .pdf to .djvu, .mp3 to .tak, .jpg to .webp .. (I believe the metadata is NOT within the file itself, or else how could I right click a file and see properties?)
Note: I am on a Windows 7 Operating system


Indeed, the FileMeta project( Found here ) has a context menu and a command line utility for saving the metadata(and importing it back).
It seems that what I was actually needing to copy are the files “alternate data stream”

With a little more searching for that term, I found out that the Winrar archiver is able to copy this stream while compressing a file within a .rar file, By using its cmd utility with the -os switch or by toggling “saving file streams” in the advanced section while creating an archive.

7z is also able to perform this, but only with .wim files(however I think rar files are more beneficial for their compression ratio)

If anyone has some other methods, please share.

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