How to fill a text box with selenium?


I tried to fill a text box with my student code 21314423, but when I execute it it throws me this:

DeprecationWarning: use driver.switch_to.frame instead driver.switch_to_frame (driver.find_element_by_xpath ("// frame [@ name = 'Menu']")

This is all code the HTML:

This is the code that I use:

But it doesn't work. How can I fix this?


I think the below should work for you to switch to frame :

wait = WebDriverWait(driver, 20)
wait.until(EC.frame_to_be_available_and_switch_to_it((By.ID, "contenido")))
print('yes ! Switched to frame ')
wait.until(EC.element_to_be_clickable((By.NAME, "pCodigoAlumno"))).send_keys('21314423')
print("Number was sent successfully")

Imports :

from import WebDriverWait
from import By
from import expected_conditions as EC

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