how to fix aws lightsail ubuntu Internal Server Error?


AWS Lightsail suddenly shows error 500
After checking logs, there was an error AH10292: Invalid proxy UDS filename (proxy:unix:///var/www/vhosts/system/|fcgi://, referer:
All of my websites on lightsail are down, please help.


Plesk has a similar report, too:


The issue is related to the latest Apache update, which changed the approach in handling UDS URIs used to proxy connections from Apache to PHP-FPM.

Theirs (which must not mean theirs) solution is to downgrade Apache 2 and put it on hold.

Ubunutu 20.04:

# export version="2.4.41-4ubuntu3"; \
  apt-get install apache2=$version apache2-utils="$version" \
    apache2-data=$version apache2-bin="$version"; \
  apt-mark hold apache2

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