How to fix "Could not find compile target android-30 for modules :app" error in Andriod Studio while building apps?


I am trying to build an application from a GitHub repository repo. It’s my first time using Andriod Studio and what I want is to run this application on my android phone, so I don’t have basic knowledge about Java development or android SDKs.

When I am trying to set up the Studio, when I hit the "run app" button an error occured reading ‘Could not find compile target android-30 for modules :app’.

error pic
I have tried to uninstall and reinstall all SDKs needed and every time I click ‘Sync Project with Gradle Files’ this error will pop up.

Anyone who knows about Andriod Studio could help me with this issue? I appreciate every answer and hope this issue could be resolved very soon.


Close Android Studio. Run it as Administrator. Then create a new project. You probably had an error before the project was created and ignored it

(error : Failed to read or create install properties file.).

The file "Android SDK Platform 32" (I had platform 30) needs to be installed and so if you ran Android Studio without administrator rights it won’t install. With Administrator rights it’ll install automatically and that’s it.

Answered By – Oleksandr

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