How to forward internal Ethernet ip:port to localhost:port on Ubuntu


I have a relatively crude linux machine, with a setup that enables me to use my RPI through it since it’s wifi doesn’t work.

The RPI’s ip is and I can ssh to it just fine through the machine. But I want to also be able to access it on other devices, one thing I though was to forward to something like (the ubuntu’s ip) but I can’t figure it out to make it work, could someone please help?

Do I make a proxy or something, idk…


Turns out I was right about the proxy part. For anyone that needs it, here’s the answer:

  1. Install simpleproxy: sudo apt-get install simpleproxy

  2. Run it: simpleproxy -L 5022 -R

replace the port 5022 with your port or use ip:port and replace with your internal ip:port

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